Shake Shack Seoul and K Star Road (Seoul Day 2 Part 2 12th August 2018)


Hello there everybadeh!!!! Writing Part 2 of Day 2 of my trip to Seoul in AUGUST 2018. Oh my god i realized for the past 3 days I have been writing about my trip which happened last month as my trip in September even though right now the 12th of September has not even happened yet. Gosh so embarrassing. Anyways hope you forgive my typo and now onto part 2 of day 2, 12th August 2018, in Seoul.

Day 2 Itinerary

Seoul Olympic Park– Gangnam (Shake Shack) – Apgujeong Rodeo (K Star Road) – Coex Mall – Hongdae

So, after spending the morning exploring Seoul Olympic Park (Link to that post here), we took the subway from Mongchontoseong to Gangnam. Mongchontoseong station is near the World Peace Gate in Seoul Olympic Park so if you reach the World Peace Gate and want to take the subway you can do that. Anyways the trip took less than 20 minutes as we reached Gangnam Station


Made famous thanks to Psy’s Gangnam Style, Gangnam is lined with shops all along the streets with global brands like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, as well as Korean skincare and cosmetic brands like The Face Shop, Innisfree, and Etude House all along the streets. But the main reason why we went to Gangnam was to try out Shake Shack. With Seoul being one of only three countries in Asia to have Shake Shack, I just had to try the chain that is constantly in discussion with In And Out as the best fast food burger in America.

To go to the Shake Shack in Gangnam, just take to Gangnam Station, take exit 11, and walk ALL THE WAY DOWN THE ROAD. You will eventually see it. You may start to wonder if it is there but just keep walking, you will see it.


I thought that the queue would be snaking long but surprisingly it wasn’t. I found out soon that Seoul has like more than 1 outlet, and that the blog post I read was there when there was only one outlet, so that is probably why she queued for an hour. When you enter, they immediately ask you to order first before finding your seat, so if the place is crowded and you are in a group you should probably ask one of you to go find seats first. They have a menu in English too if you cannot read Korean. And the people know enough English to take your order, so do not worry.

So, for the food, we ordered:

  • Shake Stack, 12,400 Won (SGD 15)
  • Chick’n’Shack, 7,900 Won (SGD 10)
  • Cheese Fries, 4,900 Won (SGD 6)
  • Frozen Custard, 5,900 Won (SGD 7.20)
  • Chocolate Shake, 5,900 Won (SGD 7.20)
  • Coca Cola 3,300 Won (SGD 4)

Well, after choosing all the food that we wanted to eat, I realized that we had spent OVER SGD 50 ON FAST FOOD. I don’t know about you guys, but the most expensive fast food I had is Carl’s Junior in Singapore, and that was 13 SGD for a burger, fries, and unlimited drinks at the fountain bar (Which is why I consider Carl’s Junior the best fast food chain in Singapore). So yeah, in terms of price, not really good.

I do have to say in terms of quality, Shake Shack is really good. The burger was top notch, especially the shroom patty. In Singapore, the thing you think of when you hear the word shroom is shroom burger, which is pure disappointment. But here you have a fried mushroom which is crispy on the outside yet the mushroom is so juicy on the inside. It really accentuates the beef patty which is good on itself. My dad says the Chicken Burger is good too. The chocolate shack and custard was too sweet for my liking, but there are a lot of ingredients in the custard which was really nice. And i was not really a fan of crinkle cut fries, but Shake Shack’s crinkle cut fries are really good, although I did not find the cheese really special. But yeah, if you are in town and have never tried Shake Shack before and cannot wait for it to open in 2019 in Terminal 5, then you can give it a try. Link to locations here

After a hearty lunch, we walked around the area, as well as went to the Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre at Gangnam Station. There was mainly Women’s Fashion as well as cosmetic shops and phone shops there. There were a few store that had Men’s clothing, and prices were mostly under 20,000 won (SGD 24) for clothing pieces. I do recommend walking around the Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre when you are in the area, for reasonably priced clothing.

Some Billboards in Gangnam Station (Left is for Girls Generation 11 year Anniversary, while the other is for Miyawaki Sakura in Produce 48, who finished 2nd in the program)

Next up, we took a train from Gangnam to Apgujeong Rodeo for K-Star Road. K Star Road basically has like these things called Dols with famous 2nd Generation Kpop Groups (And BTS and EXO) Logos on them. They are lined all along the street, so take the time to slowly walk down and find the Dol of your favourite group. (No Red Velvet Dol for me haha)

Miss A Dol
BTS Jin’s signature as well as the other members. However, their signatures have faded

If your favourite group has a Dol and you would like to take home a miniature Dol to display at your house, then you can buy one at the K Star Road Shop that is located at the front of the road. They cost around 22,000 Won for one (SGD 26 Dollars).

Another attraction of K Star Road was that there were a few entertainment companies that were located along K Star Road, namely SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and FNC Entertainment. However, as of now, only FNC Entertainment is there right now, with both SM and JYP and Cube moving to brand new buildings. (I went to Cube Entertainment and their cafe 20 Space on Day 3)

The old SM Building
The Old JYP Building that has since been vacated
A Banner in Apgujeong Rodeo Station congratulating AOA (a FNC Entertainment Group) on their 6 year Debut Anniversary

Even though the allure of seeing Korean Entertainment Companies may be less now, if your favorite group has a Dol here, then you can come down to Apgujeong Rodeo to get a picture for yourself with your favorite Dol. In terms of shopping, Apgujeong Rodeo has many high end brands like MCM lined along the streets of Apgujeong Rodeo, so if you like designer brands you can come here for some shopping. Other than that there is nothing much for the average folk.

To help you save time, here are the groups who currently have a Dol

  1.  4Minute
  2. Super Junior
  3. 2PM
  4. FT Island
  5. SHINee
  6. Miss A
  8. TVXQ!
  9. Girls’ Generation
  10. EXO
  11. AOA
  12. BTS
  13. B1A4
  14. VIXX
  16. KARA
  17. Block B

And that brings me to the end of part 2. Part 3 will be where I go to Starfield Coex Mall, where the SM Town Coex Atrium is, as well as explore Hongdae at night. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next one.

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