Shake Shack Seoul and K Star Road (Seoul Day 2 Part 2 12th August 2018)



Hello there everybadeh!!!! Writing Part 2 of Day 2 of my trip to Seoul in AUGUST 2018. Oh my god i realized for the past 3 days I have been writing about my trip which happened last month as my trip in September even though right now the 12th of September has not even happened yet. Gosh so embarrassing. Anyways hope you forgive my typo and now onto part 2 of day 2, 12th August 2018, in Seoul.

Day 2 Itinerary

Seoul Olympic Park– Gangnam (Shake Shack) – Apgujeong Rodeo (K Star Road) – Coex Mall – Hongdae

So, after spending the morning exploring Seoul Olympic Park (Link to that post here), we took the subway from Mongchontoseong to Gangnam. Mongchontoseong station is near the World Peace Gate in Seoul Olympic Park so if you reach the World Peace Gate and want to take the subway you can do that. Anyways the trip took less than 20 minutes as we reached Gangnam Station


Made famous thanks to Psy’s Gangnam Style, Gangnam is lined with shops all along the streets with global brands like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, as well as Korean skincare and cosmetic brands like The Face Shop, Innisfree, and Etude House all along the streets. But the main reason why we went to Gangnam was to try out Shake Shack. With Seoul being one of only three countries in Asia to have Shake Shack, I just had to try the chain that is constantly in discussion with In And Out as the best fast food burger in America.

To go to the Shake Shack in Gangnam, just take to Gangnam Station, take exit 11, and walk ALL THE WAY DOWN THE ROAD. You will eventually see it. You may start to wonder if it is there but just keep walking, you will see it.


I thought that the queue would be snaking long but surprisingly it wasn’t. I found out soon that Seoul has like more than 1 outlet, and that the blog post I read was there when there was only one outlet, so that is probably why she queued for an hour. When you enter, they immediately ask you to order first before finding your seat, so if the place is crowded and you are in a group you should probably ask one of you to go find seats first. They have a menu in English too if you cannot read Korean. And the people know enough English to take your order, so do not worry.

So, for the food, we ordered:

  • Shake Stack, 12,400 Won (SGD 15)
  • Chick’n’Shack, 7,900 Won (SGD 10)
  • Cheese Fries, 4,900 Won (SGD 6)
  • Frozen Custard, 5,900 Won (SGD 7.20)
  • Chocolate Shake, 5,900 Won (SGD 7.20)
  • Coca Cola 3,300 Won (SGD 4)

Well, after choosing all the food that we wanted to eat, I realized that we had spent OVER SGD 50 ON FAST FOOD. I don’t know about you guys, but the most expensive fast food I had is Carl’s Junior in Singapore, and that was 13 SGD for a burger, fries, and unlimited drinks at the fountain bar (Which is why I consider Carl’s Junior the best fast food chain in Singapore). So yeah, in terms of price, not really good.

I do have to say in terms of quality, Shake Shack is really good. The burger was top notch, especially the shroom patty. In Singapore, the thing you think of when you hear the word shroom is shroom burger, which is pure disappointment. But here you have a fried mushroom which is crispy on the outside yet the mushroom is so juicy on the inside. It really accentuates the beef patty which is good on itself. My dad says the Chicken Burger is good too. The chocolate shack and custard was too sweet for my liking, but there are a lot of ingredients in the custard which was really nice. And i was not really a fan of crinkle cut fries, but Shake Shack’s crinkle cut fries are really good, although I did not find the cheese really special. But yeah, if you are in town and have never tried Shake Shack before and cannot wait for it to open in 2019 in Terminal 5, then you can give it a try. Link to locations here

After a hearty lunch, we walked around the area, as well as went to the Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre at Gangnam Station. There was mainly Women’s Fashion as well as cosmetic shops and phone shops there. There were a few store that had Men’s clothing, and prices were mostly under 20,000 won (SGD 24) for clothing pieces. I do recommend walking around the Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre when you are in the area, for reasonably priced clothing.

Some Billboards in Gangnam Station (Left is for Girls Generation 11 year Anniversary, while the other is for Miyawaki Sakura in Produce 48, who finished 2nd in the program)

Next up, we took a train from Gangnam to Apgujeong Rodeo for K-Star Road. K Star Road basically has like these things called Dols with famous 2nd Generation Kpop Groups (And BTS and EXO) Logos on them. They are lined all along the street, so take the time to slowly walk down and find the Dol of your favourite group. (No Red Velvet Dol for me haha)

Miss A Dol
BTS Jin’s signature as well as the other members. However, their signatures have faded

If your favourite group has a Dol and you would like to take home a miniature Dol to display at your house, then you can buy one at the K Star Road Shop that is located at the front of the road. They cost around 22,000 Won for one (SGD 26 Dollars).

Another attraction of K Star Road was that there were a few entertainment companies that were located along K Star Road, namely SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and FNC Entertainment. However, as of now, only FNC Entertainment is there right now, with both SM and JYP and Cube moving to brand new buildings. (I went to Cube Entertainment and their cafe 20 Space on Day 3)

The old SM Building
The Old JYP Building that has since been vacated
A Banner in Apgujeong Rodeo Station congratulating AOA (a FNC Entertainment Group) on their 6 year Debut Anniversary

Even though the allure of seeing Korean Entertainment Companies may be less now, if your favorite group has a Dol here, then you can come down to Apgujeong Rodeo to get a picture for yourself with your favorite Dol. In terms of shopping, Apgujeong Rodeo has many high end brands like MCM lined along the streets of Apgujeong Rodeo, so if you like designer brands you can come here for some shopping. Other than that there is nothing much for the average folk.

To help you save time, here are the groups who currently have a Dol

  1.  4Minute
  2. Super Junior
  3. 2PM
  4. FT Island
  5. SHINee
  6. Miss A
  8. TVXQ!
  9. Girls’ Generation
  10. EXO
  11. AOA
  12. BTS
  13. B1A4
  14. VIXX
  16. KARA
  17. Block B

And that brings me to the end of part 2. Part 3 will be where I go to Starfield Coex Mall, where the SM Town Coex Atrium is, as well as explore Hongdae at night. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next one.

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Seoul Olympic Park (Seoul Day 2 12th August 2018 Part 1)


852901716_215256Hey There!!! Back at it again with another post, which is Day 2 of my 5D4N Trip to Seoul, South Korea. It was a Sunday, and weather on the day was bright and sunny, although the temperatures were still above 30 degrees but it was fine considering its kind of like this all the time in Singapore. Will be splitting Day 2 into three parts, Part 1 being Seoul Olympic Park, Part 2 being Gangnam Station and Shake Shack and Apgujeong Rodeo, and Part 3 being Starfield Coex Mall and Hongdae.

Day 2 Itinerary

Seoul Olympic Park – Gangnam (Shake Shack) – Apgujeong Rodeo (K Star Road) – Coex Mall – Hongdae

We started the day bright and early, setting off from our hotel at about 9am. We decided to have breakfast at some coffee place near the station called Holly’s Coffee (Its a coffee shop chain from South Korea).

Breakfast at Holly’s Coffee

I ordered a Caramel Macchiato as well as a Belgian Chocolate Cake. The whole thing costs under 10,000 Won (12.2 SGD), and it was neither outstanding nor bad. If you need like your coffee fix you can come here for coffee in Seoul but I would say give the cake a miss unless you are really hungry.

We then took the subway from Hongik University Station to Seoul Olympic Park Station, which took us 50 minutes to get there. A thing to take note when travelling to Seoul Olympic Park on Line 5 is to take note of which direction you are heading. Towards Macheon is where Seoul Olympic Park Station is and not Sangil-Dong.

After reaching my dad was a little peckish as he does not really like cake so we went to get Kimbap from a store that was above the station.

Spam Kimbap

After this we headed straight into the park. When we entered there were a lot of young ladies around carrying light sticks as well as banners around, so I was wondering what was going on. Turns out a popular boy band in South Korea called BtoB (Born to Beat) was hosting a 3 day concert, and many people (Mostly Girls) were here to queue for Merchandise. I walked for 3 mins just to get to the end of the queue.

A Promotional poster featuring Eun Kwang, the leader of BtoB. Unfortunately he has enlisted in the army at the time of this post.

I have listened to some of their songs before like Pray and Missing You but I did not know that they had such a huge fan base. Makes me wonder how many people come for a BTS or EXO concert in Seoul. Another Cool thing that I saw was the rice donation that artists from CUBE Entertainment do, where basically fans can donate bags of rice to charity in the name of the idol they support instead of buying gifts for them.

Rice Donations in the name of Hyunsik (I think)

Enough of the BtoB concert, lets get to the actual part of the park. When you enter the first thing you will see is this gigantic thumb. Apparently this is a statue by a famous French Sculptor called Cesar Baldacinni called Le Pouce (The Thumb)

Le Pouce (The Thumb)

It takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete a walk around the park. First off we passed by the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena (Where the BtoB concert is held) and the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium (Where Zico, another idol, was having his own concert). We then walked anti clockwise to see the park.

A Random Sculpture in the Park
Random Totem Pole

Seoul Olympic Park is full of these kinds of sculptures that are located all around the park in remote locations, so you can slowly spend your time exploring every nook and cranny finding all these sculptures (There are over 200 sculptures in Seoul Olympic Park!!!).

One of the many ponds in Seoul Olympic Park
A Panaroma of the queue for merchandise
A Hourglass Sculpture with flags of countries that have participated in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games
World Peace Gate. with a eternal flame located under it

This is probably the most iconic monument of Seoul Olympic Park, which is the World Peace Gate. It was designed by architect Kim Chung-Up to commemorate the spirit of the games as well as to demonstrate the ability of the Korean people. It was really breathtaking up close to me HAHA. There is also an eternal flame under the gate as well as many totem poles along the road.

Another Lake
The paths in Seoul Olympic Park

Overall, Seoul Olympic Park is a beautiful park located in the metropolitan Seoul that is really nice, with plenty of different sculptures to see, as well as ample space to walk around and explore this beautiful park. If walking is not your thing, there are also places for you to rent bicycles to cycle around the park (I think they have those couple bicycles too if I was not mistaken). You can probably finish exploring the whole place in at most 2 hours, so you can come here in the morning for a walk with your significant other or family members to take in the fresh air before moving on to your next activity. There are also playgrounds near the World Peace Gate for the young ones (as well as the young at heart) to keep them happy. Really recommend anyone who goes to Seoul to visit this place, even though it takes almost an hour to come.

That’s Part 1 of Day 2 in Seoul. Hope you understand the rationale behind splitting as I have more pictures to share today (I did not think about doing this blog while in Seoul). Next up is Gangnam as well as Apgujeong Rodeo!!! (Stay Tuned for part 2)


Starfield Coex Mall and Hongdae (Seoul Day 2 Part 3 12th August 2018)


Welcome back to my blog everyone. Time for part 3 of Day 2 of my Seoul trip, on the 12th of August 2018. This is the part where I visited Starfield Coex Mall, where the SM Town @ Coex Atrium is located, as well as visited Hongdae. Sorry but I do not have much images of Hongdae, so please excuse the lack of pictures. On to the day’s activities

Day 2 Itinerary

Seoul Olympic Park– Gangnam (Shake Shack) – Apgujeong Rodeo (K Star Road) – Coex Mall – Hongdae

So, after visiting K Star Road at Apgujeong Rodeo, I took the metro from Apgujeong Rodeo Station to Samseong Station, to go to Starfield Coex Mall, which is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. Over there is also where SM Entertainment has this place called SM Town @ Coex Atrium, which is basically like a SM Town experience.

coexatrium SM Town

How the place is arranged is as follows:

  • 1st Floor: Welcome Zone, where there is just a screen playing SM Artiste’s Music Videos
  • 2nd Floor: SM Merchandise Store, where you can purchase albums and merchandise of SM Artistes like EXO, SNSD, Super Junior, Red Velvet, NCT, and more
  • 3rd Floor: SM Town Museum, where you can walk through and see the history of SM Entertainment, and interact with various exhibits. Do note that there is an entrance fee of 18,000 Won (SGD 22)
  • 4th Floor: SM Town Market and Cafe, which sells various types of food as well as SM Themed snacks
  • 5th Floor: SMTown Theatre, where you can watch various SM Artiste concerts in Surround Viewing, as well as some SM Theatre Production featuring SM Artistes

If you don’t want to pay any money, here is what you can do here which is absolutely free, no cost involved.

Admire Awards that SM Artistes have won at various award shows and music programs outside the SM Town Market and Cafe, like Red Velvet’s Best Female Group Award at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


Red Velvet 1st place at KBS Music Bank for 빨간맏 (Red Flavor)

Take Pictures with posters of SM Town Artistes on the 5th Floor (There are many to choose from). You can also buy any of these posters to take home.

A Poster of Seulgi from Red Velvet
A Poster of EXO
A Cardboard cutout of Seulgi

See the hand prints of SM Artistes on the 5th floor

Seulgi’s Hand

And get your match to see whether you and your favorite SM Artiste are compatible (Same place as the Handprint Area)

Me and Seulgi (I have a 98 Percent with Taeyeon haha)

Ya, at this point its quite obvious I am a huge fan of Seulgi haha.

Anyways, on to the Mall. The main attraction is probably the giant library inside Starfield Coex Mall, which is totally worth checking out cause it looks amazing

The library

I really found this amazing, cause I spend a lot of time in libraries back when I was a student (Jurong Regional Library and NTU Lee Wee Nam Library), but have never seen a library that is right smack in the middle of a shopping mall. It was a Sunday, so the place was really crowded, and there were people from all walks of life, from students mugging away on their laptops to senior citizens reading the papers. I do not know if you could borrow books but there were books all available for people’s perusal as well. I think that the library itself is really amazing, so do take the time to come down and check out this library in a shopping mall once. Although I would never ever study there, cause it was soooooo noisy.


In terms of shopping, there were many stores in Starfield Coex Mall, from the usual stores like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, to fashion stores like Aland, 8 Seconds. There are really a lot of stores here so you can spend your time slowly walking through the mall to find shops that you like. There is also a Gundam Base at Basement 1, and while it is not as big as the one in I’Park Mall in Yongsan, it is still well stocked with models from all the various Gundam Series.

Anyways, we were feeling really tired, so after walking around for an hour in the mall, we decided to head back to our hotel to wash up and take a nap, before heading out to the streets of Hongdae to see the local nightlife as well as have dinner.

For dinner we tried to find something cheap to eat, but after walking around for an hour we gave up and decided to have Samgyeopsal, which is Pork Belly, at this Korean Barbecue Restaurant that we walked past. One thing here is that at these restaurants they usually ask you to order at least 2 servings on the first order, so we ordered 2 servings of Samgyeopsal, as well as steamed egg.

The Meat and Steamed Egg
The 삼겹살(Samgyeopsal) being cooked
The Banchan (Korean Side Dishes)

The samgyeopsal was of good quality and tasted good, although not as good as the place that we tried out the next day. Then again, this was just some random place that we stumbled upon, so I would say this is of good quality. If you are like really hungry and just want something good to eat, you can not go wrong with Samgyeopsal. It is still my favorite type of barbecue to eat, although I have yet to try Korean Beef or Jeju Black Pork (One Day One Day). Although not pictured, the steamed egg was of normal quality, which is hard to go wrong too (I tried to make it at home myself too).

Another thing that I tried at the restaurant was Apple Flavored Soju. One of my friends told me that I had to try flavored Soju, so since it was available I decided to give it a try. The restaurant was selling it for 4,000 Won (SGD 4.90), but you can get this at a convenience store for 1,500 Won (SGD 1.90). If you like the burn of Soju but cant take the taste of clear Soju, then you should probably try flavoured Soju. When you first drink it, you can taste the apple, before the burn comes in. I really enjoyed the taste of this Apple Flavored Soju, even though I still prefer the grape flavored one.

Apple Flavored Soju

Hongdae is buzzing with people at night, with many things to see. One thing that most people know are busking performances by students along the strip near to the station. Here is where students will put up performances, from acoustic performances to dance covers of popular Korean pop music.

A Lady performing on the streets of Hongdae

Another thing that you can consider during is going to a karaoke, known as a 노래방 (Noraebang). Hongdae is littered with Noraebangs, so if you and friends want to have a good time and sing your heart out, then you can go to a noraebang

One of the many noraebangs in Hongdae

Other than that, there are many shops selling all types of stuffs along the streets, as well as pubs and clubs for those into the partying lifestyle. While Myeongdong is more about shopping, I would say Hongdae is all about nightlife, with a lot more pubs and clubs. But Hongdae is indeed a lively place, and more for Young Adults, so if you are debating where to stay, you can take this in mind.

There comes the end of day 2. For Day 3, we head to Seongsu where we go to 2 different cafes in the area, go to Common Grounds, eat at the famous Yukjeon Sikdang, go to Gwangjang Traditional Food Market, and Dongdaemun, Thanks for reading, and till the next one!!

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Seoul Day 1 (11th August 2018)

Hey There. For my first travel related post I am going to talk about my trip to Seoul, South Korea that happened from the 11th to 15th of August 2018. For your information when I went it was Summer and South Korea was experiencing some of the hottest days in its country’s history. The temperature was about 34 Degrees Celsius (93 Degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity around 50 percent. Before we arrived the weather report said that it was going to rain from 13th to 15th but thankfully it did not. Also to note at the time the exchange rate was 1000 Won to 1.22 SGD (Singapore Dollar). Andddddd lets get started!!!

Day 1 Itinerary

Arrival – Yongsan – Hongdae – Myeongdong

We took a overnight flight with Singapore Airlines from Changi Airport Terminal 3 to Incheon International Terminal 1. It was a 6 Hour 35 min Flight from 0010 Singapore time to 0745 Incheon Time (Seoul is ahead of Singapore by an hour).

When we arrived we decided to take the Incheon Airport Bus Service #6002 to go from Incheon to Hongik University Station (홍대입구역), which cost 10,000 Won (12.2 SGD). We chose to take the bus as it seemed like a more convenient option as compared to lugging our luggage around the subway. The trip took about an hour but the bus wasn’t crowded at all so the ride was quite smooth.

Above is the bus route for 6002. All stations cost 10,000 Won. Hongik University Station is the 4th Stop.

We also got a 7 day unlimited 4G/LTE card from the CU convenience store in Incheon. I can’t remember the price but I googled and you can get a 5 day unlimited pass from KKDay for 28 SGD so you can check that out. We also got T money cards which you can use for Public Transportation (i.e Metro and Bus) which cost 2,500 Won (3 SGD). Do take note there is no pre loaded value so you need to top up for every ride. Alternatively you can purchase a MPASS card which is exclusive to tourists which gives you 20 rides day. We decided not to as we did a lot of walking and the cost of transport overall did not reach the amount of a MPASS card.

After reaching Hongdae we walked over to our accommodation which was Amanti Hotel Seoul, which was a 5-10 minute walk from the station. Since it was only 10 AM and check in timing was at 3pm, we dropped off our luggage and went off to explore Seoul.

Hotel Address:  31 World cup buk-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

We decided to head to Yongsan to go to I’Park Mall, reason being it has an Official Gundam Base Store and I wanted to pay it a visit. We walked back to the metro station and took a train from Hongik University Station to Yongsan Station. A app that I really recommend is the KakaoMetro App which u can download on your phone. The app helps you to navigate the Seoul Metro, giving you the fastest route to your location as well as travel time and price. Anyways after a short 10 min trip we reached Yongsan.

Yongsan Station

Not going to bore you with what I bought but here is a quick guide to navigating I’Park Mall which can be a little tricky

  • I’PARK Mall is split into three sections, Living ParkFashion Park and Culture Park
  • Fashion Park is like your normal department store, selling name brands like Adidas, Nike, High end brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach, and cosmetic products.
  • Living Park has Furniture stores which is not what tourists are looking for
  • Culture Park has Bookstores and Instruments and the Gundam Base.

I visited the Gundam Base, Tamiya store which is located next to the Gundam Base, as well as the Twice Pop Up Store that was happening at the 1st Floor of Living Park (They were selling Dance The Night Away Merchandise and it ended on 13th August so I was kinda lucky HAHA as I did not even know of this).

Twice Pop Up Store Poster
Also the Famous Dragon Hill Spa and Resort is located next to I’PARK Mall so for anyone wanting to go for a Korean Jjimjilbang (Spa house) experience its just right here. We gave this a miss.

After this we went back to Hongdae to explore the area. First off the agenda was to try this Korean Fried Chicken Place called Kyochon Chicken, widely regarded as one of, if not THE BEST chicken place in South Korea. We went to their Hongdae branch which was a 10 min walk from the station. While you can call Kyochon for takeout we decided to walk there for lunch as my Korean is not really that good. I tried ordering in Korean but the Waiter knew Chinese so i just spoke to him in Chinese. We ordered a Soy Garlic Set for 18,000 won (22 SGD) as well as a beer.

The Soy Garlic Drumlet Set

As you can see we got 10 Drumlets which we shared. I’m not really a food critic but I really enjoyed the chicken. The skin was crispy, the meat was juicy, however i felt like there was not enough of the dressing. There are other flavors available too as well as hlaf and half options so that you can get the best of both worlds. Overall I would recommend this place to anyone visiting South Korea.

We then walked around the area to find the thisisneverthat store in Hongdae. thisisneverthat is a popular streatwear brand in South Korea, compared to the likes of Supreme. My sister wanted some stuff from the store, so we set out to find it. The actual store is located near Hongik University and in the residential Area, and after 30 minutes of searching and going loop after loop around the area, we found it. However, that store was closed, but thanks to a kind passerby that we approached, we found out there was a pop up store THAT WAS NEAR KYOCHON. We then walked all the way back there to the pop up. They only allowed a certain amount of people at a time into the pop up, so it took us 30 minutes to enter. However, most of the stuff was actually only on display, and we only managed to get a white thisisneverthat worksout T Shirt for 39,000 Won (SGD 48). After a long search, we went back to the hotel to check in and wash up.

Oh we also dropped by ALAND in Hongdae on the way back. ALAND is basically a shop that curates fashion pieces from various brands in South Korea and sells them in their store. They also sell grooming products as well as cosmetic products from brands like COSRX, which I bought. I got the One Step Pimple Clear Pad, Good Morning Gel Cleanser, Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, and Honey Overnight Moisturising Mask.

Finally, at night we went to Myeongdong, widely known as a shopping haven in Seoul, especially for cosmetic products. Do not worry if you do not speak Korean, as there are tons of Chinese workers here so you can speak to them in Chinese. Most also speak basic English. A tip is that there are many stores of the same brand in the area so make sure to walk around and check each store to see what they offer and DO NOT COMMIT TO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU KNOW THE PRICES. We spent most of the time shopping for our family members who wanted various skincare and cosmetic products. We also went to Lotte Young Plaza, where there is a SM Store as well as a YG Store, selling merchandise of their artists. The SM store is hard to miss as it is one of only two stores in the basement, but the YG store is only a small booth on the 1st floor so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Dinner which was kalguksu

For Dinner we ate at this place called Myeongdong Gyoza (명동교자). Again the Ahjumma (Middle Aged Lady) spoke Chinese so she just told took our order in Chinese. We got two kalguksu which cost 8,000 Won (10 SGD) Each and a Mandu (Korean Dumpling) Set for 10,000 won (12 SGD) which was about 12 Dumplings. They also give free flow kimchi which the ahjumma will keep refilling even if you do not want it. If a restaurant is not your thing then you can always opt for street snacks, which are lined all along the streets of Myeongdong. From traditional Korean Snacks like ppopgi to Nutella Ice Cream, be sure to give all these snacks a try.

Also I met a celebrity at Myeongdong!!! I saw Joon Park of g.o.d while he was filming an episode of Wassup Man on the streets of Myeongdong. I took a short video of him then ran off cause I was scared to get caught on camera. He was walking down the same street as me for a while before he turned into the innisfree Flagship store. Unfortunately the free wordpress plan does not support video.

There, my first day in Seoul. Mostly spent shopping which kinda strained our budget for the next few days. Will be back with Day Two of my trip soon. Thanks for reading!!! If you have any questions you can leave a comment and I will do my best to reply you.


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Hello There!!!

Welcome friends to my personal blog. I’ve always wanted to do a travel blog and after much procrastination I have finally decided to start one. With my National Service finally winding down with my ORD (Operationally Ready Date) in November, I am going to go on a trip to Taiwan for 10 days as well as Hong Kong for 5 days at the end of the year.

Meanwhile I will be writing about my experiences from my previous overseas trips as well as what is going on with my life right now which isn’t very interesting but I guess this can serve as an avenue for me to write about what I want to.

For Countries I have visited so far: Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Germany.

Favorite Places to visit: Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China), Taiwan

Countries that I really want to visit: UK and USA (Manchester and Los Angeles)

Yeah its getting kind of late now but will be back tomorrow to share about my recent Korea Trip that took place from the 11th to 15th of August 2018. Later!!!


“All You’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So Go?” Tony Wheeler, Co-Founder of Lonely Planet